Joseph Arangio,
Owner at
CAPO Drywall Inc.

We have been working with Michael Foppiano at 3D construct since our very first 3D printed project. The design process and quality have consistently been above our expectations, taking into account our needs and creating a product that leaves all of our clients impressed. Michaels qualifications go beyond his 3D printing knowledge. His engineering experience has helped us to make better design decisions, and stronger working parts for our needs, without constantly having to reprint revisions.

By leveraging Michael’s expertise at 3D Construct, we have been able to create both high quality, custom marketing materials, as well as custom solutions and tools for our trade, with short turnaround. 3D Construct offers more than just a 3D printing service, but rather a fully rounded 3D printing, design and engineering solution. When it comes to custom part solutions, I would recommend none other than 3D Construct.