3D Construct is a 3D printing company that originated in 2017. With a keen interest in design at a young age, the founder; Michael Foppiano viewed aspects of manufacturing as tedious, but discovered 3D printing as a solution to rectify these issues. During his internship at Locomobi, Michael implemented a strategy to replace parts manufactured in China with printing locally to reduce expenses and lead times. 3D printing the parts instilled more agency in viewing prototypes firsthand and reducing complexity while allowing quick scale up to full production. This efficiency and convenience motivated Michael to expand his 3D printing knowledge and expertise with further research and experience.

His background lies in a combination of experience as a 3D printing Research Assistant at the FRAMES lab and his education as a Mechanical Engineering student at Ryerson University. Awarded third place out of 4000 competing teams at the Canadian Engineering Competition, Michael’s team diligently collaborated to provide solutions towards engineering design issues. 

To inspire young children to get interested in STEM, he has been working as a workshop facilitator on a part-time basis conducting 3D printing workshops for children at TreeHouse Learning. 

Whether you require printing one product or on an ongoing basis, Michael has engineered products for engineering, decor, marketing, orthotics, and more. Michael’s passion and drive for designing unique 3D printed products allow any ideas to be brought to life instantly. His company, 3D Construct has worked with a multitude of clients ranging from Locomobi, Ryerson University’s International HyperLoop Team, The LockHart, Capo DryWall. To learn more, feel free to browse through 3D Construct’s testimonials or contact him directly.